Quark Matter 2005 Conference   Quark Matter 2005 Conference

R2D - A Comprehensive New RHIC II Detector

Prof. Rene Bellwied

Rene Bellwied for the R2D exploratory working group


Recent RHIC results establish the necessity for a detailed investigation of the matter formed in heavy-ion collisions at 200 A GeV.In particular,di-jet and gamma-jet measurements with particle identification (PID) at large momenta,measurement of all onium states up to the Y(3s) state including feed-down in pp,pA and AA, and measurements at forward rapidities,including forward-midrapidity correlations, are required in order to experimentally study the restoration of chirality, the deconfinement transition, and the mass generation from partonic degrees of freedom above Tc to final state hadrons.We propose a large acceptance (-3<eta<3,D(phi)=2pi) device with hadron,muon and gamma PID out to 20-30 GeV/c,tracking detectors,and EM and hadronic calorimetry in a large solenoidal magnetic field (1.5 T).Two possible concepts have been considered, one based on the large SLD magnet and one based on the more compact CDF magnet.We will describe the detector layouts and summarize their performance.

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