Quark Matter 2005 Conference   Quark Matter 2005 Conference

Violation of kt factorization in quark production from the Color Glass Condensate

Presenting Author: Prof. Hirotsugu Fujii

Author(s): H. Fujii, F. Gelis, R. Venugopalan


We present quantitative estimates of heavy flavor production in pA reactions at collider energies in the framework of the color glass condensate. We first quantify the breaking of kT-factorization (see Refs below) as a function of the saturation scale, the quark mass and the transverse momentum. Next we evaluate the open charm/bottom cross sections numerically, and study their sensitivity to physical parameters. Our results are compared to the RHIC data for charm production and predictions are made for charm and bottom production at the LHC. Finally, we apply our formalism (which includes re-scatterings of the produced quark pairs) to quarkonium production at RHIC and LHC. Refs. * F.Gelis, R.Venugopalan, Phys.Rev.D69:014019,2004 * J.P.Blaizot, F.Gelis,R.Venugopalan, Nucl.Phys.A743:13,2004; Nucl.Phys.A743:57-91,2004 * H.Fujii, F.Gelis, R.Venugopalan, hep-ph/0504047, submitted to PRL.

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