Quark Matter 2005 Conference   Quark Matter 2005 Conference

Hot Matter from Exploding Black Holes

Presenting Author: Prof. Joseph Kapusta

Author(s): Joseph Kapusta and Ramin Daghigh


"High Energy Neutrinos, Gamma Rays and Antimatter from Microscopic Black Holes" [Based on PRL86,1670(2001); PRD65,064028(2002); PRD67,044006(2003); and work in progress.] We show that relativistic viscous fluid equations can be used to describe the outflow of high temperature matter created via Hawking radiation from microscopic black holes. We solve these equations numerically for a realistic equation of state. We focus on black holes with initial temperatures greater than 100 GeV and lifetimes less than 6 days. The spectra of photons, neutrinos, and various antimatter particles are calculated for energies greater than 1 GeV. The most promising route for their observation is to search for point sources emitting photons or neutrinos of ever-increasing energy. If observed, such microscopic black holes would provide a window on physics well beyond the standard model.

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