Quark Matter 2005 Conference   Quark Matter 2005 Conference

Quark number and charge fluctuations in finite temperature lattice QCD

Presenting Author: Prof. Frithjof Karsch

Author(s): F. Karsch, S. Ejiri and K. Redlich


Lattice calculations at non-vanishing chemical potential performed in the framework of a Taylor expansion around vanishing $\mu_{u,d}$ also provide information on fluctuations of conserved quantum numbers at vanishing and small values of the chemical potential, i.e. in a regime relevant for physics studied at RHIC and in the future also at the LHC. We will discuss recent results on higher moments of density and charge fluctuations that can be deduced from our Taylor expansion studies of QCD thermodynamics at finite density. We will compare lattice results with resonance gas models at low temperature, an ideal quark gas at high temperature as well as universal properties in the vicinity of the transition which are expected to become valid for a second order chiral transition with underlying O(N) symmetry.

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