Quark Matter 2005 Conference   Quark Matter 2005 Conference

Probing Collision Dynamics with Fluctuation and Correlation Studies at RHIC

Prof. Claude A. Pruneau

Collaboration: STAR


We present results of net charge, transverse momentum, and kaon vs pion multiplicity fluctuations analyses in Au + Au collisions at $s^{1/2}_{NN}=$20, 62, 130, and 200 GeV. Results are discussed based on theoretical predictions, and compared to those of PHENIX, CERES and NA49. Net charge fluctuations are finite and in qualitative agreement with resonance gas, and quark coalescence models. They exhibit the minimal beam energy dependence expected for a finite system due to constraints of charge conservation. Normalized transverse momentum correlations $<\Delta p_t,\Delta p_t>^{1/2}/$ exhibit no sizable dependence on beam energy. These analyses were conducted with various azimuthal ranges to investigate radial flow, and resonance productions dependences on collision centrality. The $p_t$ analysis is also done relative to the collision reaction plane. We present the first kaon vs pion multiplicity fluctuations at RHIC, and compare with results from NA49 at lower energy.

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