Quark Matter 2005 Conference   Quark Matter 2005 Conference

(Quasi) Quarks and (Quasi) Baryons in QCD at High Density

Presenting Author: Prof. Thomas Schäfer

Author(s): Thomas Schaefer and Kai Schwenzer


We study fermionic excitations in very dense baryonic matter. In the normal phase these excitations are (quasi) quarks. We discuss an effective field theory that properly accounts for non-Fermi liquid effects due to unscreened gluonic interactions. Non-Fermi liquid effects lead to unusual transport phenomena and thermodynamic behavior. In the superconducting phase of three flavor QCD the excitations are composite fermions with the quantum numbers of ordinary baryons. We show how to compute the baryon spectrum using weak coupling QCD.

Attached paper: Non-Fermi Liquid Effects in QCD at High Density

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