Quark Matter 2005 Conference   Quark Matter 2005 Conference

Full Reconstruction of Charged Hadrons Correlated With High pTh+-, pi+, pi-, protons and antiprotons from STAR

Jason G. Ulery

Jason Glyndwr Ulery for the STAR Collaboration


Soft-hard angular correlations show that lost energy at high $p_T$ is distributed to low $p_T$ and away side correlated hadrons are partially thermalized with the bulk medium. In this talk we present $\Delta\phi$ and $\Delta\eta$ correlations of charged hadrons in $p_T>0.15$ GeV/c with trigger hadrons of $p_T>3$ GeV/c in 200 GeV pp, dAu, and AuAu (including the high statistics run-4 data) and 62 GeV AuAu collisions. Trigger hadrons are $h^\pm$ and identified $\pi^+, \pi^-, p$, and $\bar{p}$ by the dE/dx relativistic rise. Correlation shapes and $p_T$ spectra (and $$) are systematically studied as function of system, centrality, and trigger $p_T$; they are further studied in different associated $p_T$ and ($\Delta\phi$, $\Delta\eta$) regions, respectively. Full associated yield and momentum magnitude are extracted. Results are confronted with models describing high $p_T$ baryon and meson production, partonic energy loss, conical Mach cone, and thermalization processes.

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