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Privacy Policy Privacy Policy

The QM2005 Budapest Conference collects personal information when you (pre) register at the web site, like your name, email address, postal address, affiliation. In certain cases (grants) we may ask for birth date, gender, and nationality information.
The partner of QM2005 Conference, the conference organiser agency, Diamond Congress Ltd. may, furthermore, ask for payment information, like credit card number, through a secure channel.
The QM2005 Budapest Conference will share all the necessary information with Diamond Congress Ltd. in order to simplify the registration procedure.
Data handling is regulated by the Hungarian Personal Data Protection Law, which is one of the strictest in EU. We do not rent, sell, or share personal information about you with other people or companies except Diamond Congress Ltd.
The gathered data will be erased after the QM2005 Budapest Conference finishes its activity.

The QM2005 Budapest Conference may set and access its own cookies on your computer, in order to identify and secure your connection. Cookies are not used for any other purpose and expire immediately after you logged out of the web site.

The QM2005 Budapest Conference web site is using JavaScript for checking the syntax of the information you entered and producing some visual effects on the web site. Furthermore, it also attempts to get information about your browser to optimize performance. No other data is collected, and the gathered information is not stored.