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days to go.


Duration of a parallel talk: 15 min + 5 min discussion


Available poster area: 200 cm (height) x 100 cm (width) (78.7" x 39.3")


During the conference we provide PC terminals (approx 30, Linux / Windows), UTP RJ45 100 Mbit Ethernet cable connection (approx 40 working places) for notebooks and a 802.11b+g wireless network with 64 bit WEP encryption with full DHCP.


The voltage in Hungary is 230 V, 50 Hz. The plug is compatible with the one used in Germany, or France, however, differs from the British, Italian, or US standards!

At the conference, for convenience, we provide a limited number of US type outlets, however, with 230 V, 50 Hz. Most of the modern notebook adapters are able to automatically adjust for this voltage.