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days to go.

Check the list of submitted papers.

Information for authors

Deadline of contributions: September 30, 2005, 5 pm CET (sharp!)

Plenary talks the lenght of the contributions was sent to the authors directly (please, send a letter to qm2005 at sunserv.kfki.hu in case you have not received such correspondence).
Parallel talks 4 pages for all contributions.
Posters Selected posters will be invited by regional scientific journals. Please, follow their instructions in length (expect 4 pages) and style. Send your contribution directly to them.

Plenary and parallel talk paper authors, please use the following style files (zip) or (tar.gz) and follow the instructions of the Nuclear Physics A PDF file.

Please, prepare your camera-ready contribution and send all source files in a tar.gz-ed package to qm2005 at sunserv.kfki.hu.

Please, follow the instructions during preparation. Speakers from large collaboration should use the following convention:
Adam Smith (for the XYZ1 Collaboration)

1 For the full list of XYZ authors and acknowledgments, see appendix 'Collaborations' of this volume.
in the footnote.